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the greatest skill a barber school can teach is the ability to listen to the client.

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about our barber school

perfect haircuts from perfectly trained barbers

Modern barbering is more than just a haircut.
it’s a passion for the perfect image.

Modern Barbering Academy is a goal oriented barbering school with a unique and specific focus on one thing; produce and mentor the most discriminating, professional image driven barbers in professional barbering.

Under the guidance of Mr. Eric Lewis, licensed master barber and barbering mentor, the next generation of professional barbers is taking shape and getting noticed.

Part of mentoring this next generation of barbers includes catering to the needs of the general public in areas of haircuts, beard trimmings, face shaves, etc.  All under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Eric Lewis.

This means offering a tremendous value to the client while giving the student opportunities to expand their skills in real world scenarios. 

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barber school services

Our students take pride in everything they do


Sit with one of our next generation student barbers to discover a level of perfection not often experienced.


A straight razor shave performed by our best students will leave you feeling like never before. Dominant.

beard trim

Our world class students can shape up and condition your manly beard for that new chapter in your life.

mustache trim

The old world mustache is back and in a big way. Keep the look up and maintain it with tips from our pros.

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modern barbering academy for your best barber experience

because we are the premier barber school in texas you can take advantage of our pricing model designed to provide the best value in barber services available anywhere

Cut for Men
From $ 12
Cut for Ladies
From $ 15
Beard Coloring
From $ 15
Hair Coloring
From $ 20
Face Shave
From $ 10
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barber school staff & students

Masterfully mentored barber & students

Meet some of our most prominent staff and students at modern barbering academy who are happy to shape your image

Master Barber & instructor

Eric Lewis is the founder, owner and student mentor of Modern Barbering Academy. A Master Barber and Professional Barber Instructor.

Professional Beard Shaping

Eric takes pride in teaching his students to be the best beard shaping professionals at the craft.

Master Haircuts

Eric's finely tuned method of teaching resonates with his students. Professionals are forged with time and consistency.

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Monday-Friday 10:00am-7:30pm

Saturday-Sunday closed


3373 Towerwood Dr. Suite# 100, Farmers Branch, TX 75234